Assalammualaikum, wbt.. Hai!


Seriously, it's hard. Lebih-lebih lagi kalau sudah lama. 4 tahun, okay.. Bukan masa yang singkat. Kalau ada yang pernah baca post-post Lissa yang lama, tau lah siapa yang Lissa maksudkan. hehe tu lah.. kalau yang tertanya-tanya kenapa Lissa hilang skejap tu, pasal ni laa. Sebab tu Lissa cakap Lissa  ni loser. Benda simple pun susah mau handle, kan?

I've been holding on for too long, giving him many chances he don't actually deserve and i stayed even he's giving more and more heartbreak and I called it... LOVE. I'm such a fool, right? Hehe.

Tapi tu lahh.. in the end, I have to let him go even i know it's hard like hell. Tapi bila pikir balik, kalau dia sudah pilih orang lain, why should I stand there and breaking my own heart loving someone that doesn't love me anymore, right?

Mungkin sebab Lissa terlalu sayangkan dia sampai Lissa terlupa sayang kepada Pencipta itu yang utama. Sudah terhantuk baru tergadah..and now, I've really learned my lesson.

"So, the final step is to moving on, bebeh! I have more things to be done. I'll show him that this girl, the girl that he left behind is stronger than he thought. There will be no more begging and crying like he used to before. I'll make sure this time, I'll pick up my tiara and it won't fall for this kind of guy anymore. He don't deserve me. He'll never be."

..and she typed those words with a smile and a single tear drop. I swear, this is the last tear :")

Hahahahaha see ya, gais! :)

Thanks For Reading !